A meteor is said to have converted a future Roman emperor to Christianity and thereby leading to the advent of Christianity across the horizons. The Watergate scandal that changed the course of America’s politics started off with a little incident involving a duct tape. Hitler’s rejection by the Academy of Fine Arts was a catalyst for, his rise as a German dictator and not to forget, the xenophobia that ensued over the years. One train ride in the June of 1990 and Harry Potter was conceived.

It’s almost poetic how something as small as a butterfly flapping it’s wings, might be causing a tornado in some part of the world far away. 'Insignificance' has an integral place in the intricate web of fortunate coincidences called life. Monumental happenings, or Macro changes don’t happen overnight. The wheels are set into motion at a very fundamental level, the level 'zero', which is sometimes overlooked. But it is this very insignificance of zero, which makes it indispensable. Similarly, the biggest small change begins when we harness each and every trace of energy inside us to take that small step or a blind leap for that matter. The best part? It might not be a conscious decision.

Greatness is achieved in that singular moment. The moment that creates you. The moment that starts the whole thing. You’d never know what alternate reality was to be found if you undid everything. You cannot deny the effect you have on universe. Everything you do will lead to something bigger. Stagnation would eliminate the possibilities of all the feats you would've achieved, all the lives you might’ve influenced. You might or might not be the next hero of the generation but you can make sure that you take a step in the right direction.

This year TEDxKIITUniversity recognizes the importance of seizing the moment, recognizes that all great things happen in increments. This year we believe in starting small. This year we celebrate an individual’s worth, a small step's vitality- the biggest small change!


TEDxKIITUniversity is aimed to provide a first-hand TED experience to its attendees . It offers a platform to integrate new people into the TED community which helps them to bridge the gap between ideas and actions. This year we are focussing on ideas which may seem small but have managed to bring about remarkable transformations in the community. TEDxKIITUniversity intends to extend its platform to individuals who have been working relentlessly to induce the 'biggest small change'.

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.